About Company

Since its establishment in 2007, UCWARE has carried out multiple projects for public,
private education financial sectors, enterprises, etc, offering top professionals and technologies
and has provided services to more than 1,000 customers.

Our Company will Last 100 Years as a Global No1 UC&C SW Provider

We think further and bigger and get a broader perspective of the world.
We create clean and safe worldwide UC&C with firm technologies and team bonding that last 100 years.

Core Values of UCWARE


We Are Specialized in Unified Real-Time Communication Solution

UCWARE is fully equipped with technologies for unified communication solution with experiences
and know-hows in messaging system deployment for multiple private and public sectors.
Our primary business is to deploy UC on-premises solution while we also offer cloud-based solution as our new service.

Deployment of UC Solution

We build unified communications environments.

Deployment Projects of
Enterprise Messenger Solution

Implementation of
Call Manager, integrating with IP-PBX

Building unified communications environments by integrating with conference calls, SMS, FAX systems and many more.

Mobile Solution

Development of Messaging-based Business Application

Deployment Projects of
Mobile Solutions
(e.g., Mobile Messengers, etc.)

Development of
Messaging-based Business Application
(e.g., Collaboration Tool, SNS, etc.)

Domestic ASP

Enterprise Messenger
ASP Service

We offer ASP service of
enterprise systems.

Cloud-Based Service

Cloud-Based Service Globally

Cloud-based solutions
for Asia Pacific
Development and commercialization of UC&C SaaS

with NBP(Naver Business Platform)
for Global SaaS Incubating Projects