#Drag and Drop #My Group
#One-Click remote control

∨  Organization chart / Online Status
∨  My Group
∨  Message
∨  Chat
∨  Remote control
∨  Form
∨  Real-time push notification

Video Conference/Auto Minutes Record/Auto Translation

#Drag and Drop #My Group
#One-Click remote control

∨  WebRTC Video conference, Invitation (internal + external)
∨  Auto Minutes Record, Screen share, Chat, Conference Memo
∨  Real-Time Auto Translation

Zoom video conferencing interface on UCWORKS

#Drag and Drop #My Group
#One-Click remote control

∨  One-Click ZOOM meetings on Messenger chat
∨  Zoom meeting invitation on chat
∨  One-click Zoom join from chat


#Integrated schedule #Systematic business management with 'To-do'
#Collaborate freely in projects/teamspace


Assignment, Progress, Kanban Board


Sub-task creation, Task assignment, Share project-based work tasks, Work progress status


Personal schedule, Department schedule, To-Do Schedule, Project schedule


Post, Likes, Comments, chat, Schedule Share, File share

IP Telephony

#One-Click Call on Messenger #Support IP-PBX #CISCO, AVAYA, EricssonLG, SAMSUNG
Call control

 Make, receive, hang up, call forward, transfer, pick up

Call status

Idle, Ringing, Busy, Forwarding

Caller information display

Caller name, phone number, photo

Call box

Incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls
IP phone [Caller Information]

IP Phone XML Application

Organizational chart display, user search, history of incoming/outgoing/missed calls on IP phone LCD screen
XML Service

Incoming or outgoing calls
Texts or images

XML Support

Cisco XML

MCID Previews

Image-support phones
Separate image adjustment by model
Real-time application

Addition of New Models

Easy management of new model addition by simply registering in the admin tool without program changes.


Simply click for voice or video calling in need of calls in the middle of your messaging conversation.

∨  1:1 voice or video calls
∨  Audio and video conferencing for up to 9 participants

Remote Desktop

#No need for separate remote desktop system
#No installation required
#Control from mobile wherever you are

∨  Remote Desktop other party’s PC
∨  Apply, acceptance, rejection, remotely
∨  Windows, Android, iOS support


#No Lock-In #Federation #API #Auto-Scale


Archiving, Trace & Audit


Push, Link, Online status, Direct message, Chat, Phone


#Emergency Alert Spread Real time #Real Time Emergency Control Sharing #Share Emergency Control plan in real time

∨  Share Emergency Control plan in real time with Ministry of safety /Safety Control Center
∨  Emergency communications and real-time sharing with 911/emergency telephone number, Police, Military units, Local government