A Company Organizational Chart & Your Own Group

Easily create an organizational chart of your company and you own group for your frequent contacts.
  • See your company organizational chart and real-time online status and job information of your colleagues at a glance.
  • Generate your own multi-level groups.
  • working status of coworkers.

Online Status & Nicknames

Easy to find availability and nicknames of your colleagues.
  • Showing your status of online, away, busy, in a meeting, unavailable, meal break, on a call or offline.
  • Appearing your nickname.
  • Showing info of your device: Accessing messenger on your PC and/or mobile devices.

Direct Messages for Business

You can replace internal business emails with direct business messages. A DM enables you checking real-time read status and recalling a message already sent.
Conveniently create and submit your reports using report templates that DM features.
  • Recipient’s list: Fields of To:, CC: and BCC:
  • Templates for formal reports: Easily create and submit your weekly report, daily sales report in a DM
  • Read status, sending reservation, recalling a sent message, call forwarding, resending
  • Font, size, color, alignment, images, background images, emoticons, instant screen capture and share and inserting tables (Excel, Word)


Live chat takes a major part in workplace communication.
Take your live chat conversation to the next level.
  • Chat conversation’s history, chat room search, chat room search, notifications on/off
  • Read message count, showing unread recipients
  • Recalling sent messages, saving messages, removing chatting room members, chatting room invitation, showing typing status
  • Sharing screen capture (featuring capturing and drawing), copying and pasting tables in Office for messenger, shaking conversation window, emoticons
  • Voting polls: Creating a poll, a multiple-choice poll or sending multiple answers, sharing poll result
  • Powerful delivery of communication: : File transfer, voice/video calls, remote control

Voice & Video Calls

Simply click for voice or video calling in need of calls in the middle of your messaging conversation.
  • 1:1 voice or video calls
  • Audio and video conferencing for up to 9 participants.

Remote Control

You directly control a remote desktop and share screens.
It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Remotely control another computer.
  • Remote control viewer for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Remote control session acceptance, rejection, finish by either of controlling user or controlled computer.

Team Space

Our service provides collaborative spaces for teamwork.
It brings you easy sharing of information, materials, calendar and conversations in the teamwork space.
  • Create a workspace (public, private)
  • Posting (announcement, posts, polls, videos, images attachment)
  • Likes, comments
  • Conversation, sharing of calendar and content

Working Status

It allows you to change your status to working from home or working outdoors
It is shared in real time. So you can share your working status in real time.
  • Real-time working status
  • Setup of absence types, reasons


Plug-ins offer essential services for your business such as sticky notes, announcements, and conference room booking.
  • Sticky notes
  • Announcements
  • Conference room booking


Conveniently manage organizational chart and users on the messenger. supported.
Once an administrator adds a new user, an intro e-mail is automatically sent to the member for ease of use.
  • Administration: Managing organizational chart, adding or removing users
  • Easy for New Users : Adding new user> Emailing user guide> Setting a user password > Downloading an app> User’s login