Communication & Collaboration Platform UCWORKS

UC&C(Unified Communication & Collaboration) platform that
integrates organizations, members, tasks and diverse communication tools

We Develop an Original Technology

UCWORKS delivers high-quality services through our own technological development as well as having core technologies of large message processing, voice & video calls , collaboration, security,
IP-PBX middle ware and cloud-based service
through development of core technologies.

We Provide On-Premises & Cloud-based Services

We deliver on-premises solutions to large enterprises while cloud-based service is provided to small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs).

Our Services Go beyond Asia

Cloud-based UCWORKS services are provided across Asia such as Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. And the services are internationally operated for our global enterprise customers in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Our Proven Record of Delivering High Quality and Excellent Customer Services

Service stability with 365 days & 24h service desk and dedicated customer support team has been proven through the use by highly demanding customers in financial sectors and large enterprises.

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What is UCWORKS?

We create efficiency and effectiveness in our working environment with continuous passion and technology research that lasts 100 years.


Active Licensed Users


Enterprise Customers


Onpremise market in Korea


Cloud, Onpremise 2Way supply


Rich experience, know-how and R&D


In-house technology


Active Licensed Users


Enterprise Customers


Onpremise market in Korea


Cloud, Onpremise 2Way supply


Rich experience, know-how and R&D


In-house technology

Communication and Collaboration Platform UCWORKS

Messenger + Voice / Video Calls + Remote Control + Team Space + Notifications

The organizational chart-based platform brings successful collaboration through employees’ online active status, real-time direct messaging, real-time chat, file sharing, remote screen sharing, voice/video calls, sharing and collaborating based on teamwork-specialized zone, real-time push notifications and open APIs that allow flexible and easy-to-handle connection to legacy systems.


Let’s Learn More through UCWORKS Videos

Introduction to UCWORKS

Introduction to Major Features of UCWORKS


Native Application

Our messenger is a native application, not a simple web-based application and it provides convenience in the user experience at a faster speed.

Supporting multiple operating systems

Windows, Mac, Open source operating system on Linux (TMax, Gooroom, HamoniKR, Ubuntu)

Real-Time Direct Business Messaging

Don't wait until getting access to your email account.
Internal emails gets replaced by Direct Business Messaging.
DBM allows you to communicate in real time with options, ranging from adding CC and BCC and checking read receipts.

Power up Your Chats

UCWORKS makes your chat conversation powerful with features of checking read- status, searching chat messages, checking number of chat messages, removing members, viewing history.

Organizational Chart

UCWORKS allows you to see the organizational structure and user profile information at a glance. The organizational chart-based messenger builds successful collaboration.

Online Status, Nicknames, Active Device Type

It allows you to check active status on messenger, office nicknames, active device type either on phone or desktop of your colleagues.

Polls on Messenger

You can easily create polls in your group chat.
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Voice/Video Calls

1:1 Voice/Video Calling with Colleagues &
Group Video Calling

  • 1:1 Voice/Video Calling
  • Group Voice/Video Calling that allows up to 9 Participants
Remote Control

Easy and Secure Remote Access to Your Computer (Widows, Mac) to Control PCs and Share Screen.

  • Multiple operating system (OS) support for remote control
  • Remotely controlling PCs and sharing screen
Team Space

Easily Create Team-based Collaborative Working Spaces with Posts, and Calendar and Content Share.

  • Collaboration
  • Team Space
  • Team Posts
  • Posting
  • Calendar
  • Conversation
  • Content Share
‘Working’ Status

Setting and Sharing ‘Working’ Status of Team Members

  • ‘Working’ Status
  • Setting a status option as ‘Away’
Notification Bot

Do Not Miss Even A Single Notification from Multiple Internal Systems

  • Open API makes simple integration for notifications.
  • Extension and integration with legacy systems to receive notifications on messenger for e-document approval, announcements, emails, CRM, etc.
Phone Calls

IP Telephony UC Integration with Your IP-PBX

  • Click Call
  • Call Presence
  • Caller Information MCID
  • Call AP
  • IP Phone UC
  • Supporting CISCO, AVAYA, Ericsson, SAMSUNG and Asterisks
  • IP-PBX Middleware (Ownership of the Original Technology)

Sticky Notes, Announcement, Conference Room Booking, etc to Suit Your Essential Needs for Work

  • Sticky notes
  • Announcements
  • Conference room booking
  • Poll

Providing Encrypted Communication and Security Using Challenge Response

  • PKI-based authentication-zone encryption and OPT-based communication-zone encryption
  • Tracking locks, and security audit

Powerful Integration with Existing Systems

  • Open API
  • Organizational chart & User data Connecting
  • Notifications Connecting
  • Counting service Connecting
  • Web Who is On-line Connecting
  • Notifications Connecting

Best-Fitting Customization for Your Business

  • Customizing to meet your specific business needs outside of existing UCWORKS features

Our Customers

1 million registered users, more than 1,000 government organizations, public institutions, finance, education and healthcare sectors and large enterprises use UCWORKS to collaborate.

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Mirae Asset Daewoo

Utilizing IPT-UC through enterprise-wide use of real-time messenger, and integration with groupware and IP-PBX system.

Image is not available

Korea Development Bank

Supporting global messaging services and mobile environment for domestic and overseas branches.

Image is not available

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Implementation of messenger with additional features in considerations of communication between headquarters and overseas offices and of areas with poor connectivity.

Image is not available

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Making good use particularity of checking read status of direct business messaging on the organizational chart based-messenger.

Image is not available

Hankook Tire

Unified UC messenger used by 300,000 employees across entire Hankook Tire.

Image is not available

Jeju Air

Providing service used by entire Aekyung including Jeju Air with messenger’s integration with its own electronic approval system.

Image is not available

National Institute of Biological Resources

Real-time information spread and sharing system in response to chemical emergencies.

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Seoul Medical Center

Real-time communication, and mobile collaboration devices between members in the center including officers, doctors, etc..

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