Enterprise Messenger

  • Multiple OS Support

    Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Tmax, Gooroom, HamonyKR

  • Multiple Integration

    Organizational chart, user account linking, authentication linking, Messenger push notifications integrating with legacy systems such as groupware or electronic approval system, linking integration, IP-PBX linking, etc.

  • Powerful Messenger Features

    Organizational chart, creation of user’s own group, real-time online status, direct messaging, chat conversation, file transfer, remote control, voice/video calls, video conference, shared file box, push notification

Team Space

Collaborative spaces for teamwork or groupwork.
  • Create a workspace (public, private)
  • Posting (announcement, posts, polls, videos, images attachment)
  • Likes, comments
  • Conversation, sharing of calendar and content

IP-PBX Middleware

Our middleware integrates with IP-PBX and provides Call Control, Call Presence, and MCID.
Call Presence

Available, Dialing, On a call or Call forwarding

Call Control

Calling, Answering, Hanging Up, Call Forwarding, Transferring, Pickup


Featuring Call Control, Call Presence and MCID by integrating with IP-PBX.Supporting telephone system of CISCO, AVAYA, EricssonLG, SAMSUNG and Asterisk.
Based on server-to-server connection.


Caller ID (Internal employees and external customers – Integration with CRM)
System integration: messenger, groupware, CRM, etc.
Open API: Calling, call status, call forwarding, etc.

IP Phone XML Application

Organizational chart display, user search, history of incoming/outgoing/missed calls on IP phone LCD screen
XML Service

Incoming or outgoing calls
Texts or images

XML Support

Cisco XML

MCID Previews

Image-support phones
Separate image adjustment by model
Real-time application

Addition of New Models

Easy management of new model addition by simply registering in the admin tool without program changes.

Calling Application

Easy control of IP phone from Your PC
Easy BLF setup
Call Control

Dial pad, calling, answering, hanging up, call forwarding, transferring, pickup, reservation call, call memo

Busy Lamp Field

Favorites, call status


Caller ID (internal employees, external customers – Integration with CRM )

Call History

Today’s call log (incoming, outgoing and missed calls)


Simply click for voice or video calling in need of calls in the middle of your messaging conversation.
  • 1:1 voice or video calls
  • Audio and video conferencing for up to 9 participants.

Conference Call

Conveniently make a conference call without installing software separately.
  • Conference call with multi participants
  • Creating private/public conference room
  • Screen sharing
  • Conference recording

Disaster Emergency Management

It brings you real-time communication for information sharing and situational awareness in emergencies and disasters instead of mobile text alerts.
  • situational awareness with real-time messaging technology.
  • Target classification (Disaster/emergency response center, local government, police, fire department, military forces
  • Simultaneously transmitting messages and sharing images, and videos
  • Use case: National Institute of Chemical Safety, South Korea